Quality & Laboratory

We produce the product fully meets  customer expectations with best economic conditions, "ZERO DEFECT", continuously and reliable quality.

Ecoplas which has internationally recognized standards ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO/TS 16949 ; complies all international standards and customer standards and gives priority to improve the system continuously.

We establish our system as "Built-In Quality" system instead of first produce and after make control and separate NG parts. Our production team produce the part and also control and improve the quality of the part.
 Quality Laboratory Equipments : :
* 3D Measurement Equipment (CMM)
* Density Meter
* MFI Test Equipment
* Hardness Measurement Equipment
* Force Measurement
*Color and glossmeter
* 2D video mesurement system
* Climatic test cabinet(humidty and temperature)
* Flammability test cabinet
* Ash furnace
* Scratch resistance test equipment
* Colorbox - illuminated assessment cabinet
* Paintshop test laboratory