Safety & Environment

Safe working environment is our first target. Ecoplas members believe that quality result can only be realized in safe working environment.

Like safety respect for the environment is also our core values and we actively work in this area and try to protect environment in all areas.

Ecoplas which has internationally recognized standards BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004; complies all legal and other requirements and gives priority to improve the system continuously.
Ecoplas has a safety and envioronment commitee includes main department like HR , production and maintenance managers, general manager and employee representatives. Full time certified safety expert leads all activities.
We are providing an employee manual to new workers which includes safety and environmental rules
We are using special training area (DOJO) to give theoretical and practical trainings to new operator.
We are checking system condition periodically with planned or unplannned field visits and audits. Our occupational health, safety and environment experts lead these audits with attending our strategic planning manager, general manager and chairman of Ecoplas.