Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecoplas who cares for environment, individuals and societies benefits, prepared its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) policy in line with company mission and values and start implementation.  

Code of Condusts is also defined for all Ecoplas employees and Ecoplas itself and implementation is started.
Ecoplas CSR policiy basically covers 6 main areas;
1. Corporate activities, working style and Transparency
Ecoplas endeavors to comply with international regulations, related laws, and internal rules, exercise sound and fair corporate practices, earn the trust of stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and society. Our members will maintain constructive relationships with administrative bodies, remaining politically neutral and complying with laws, and will not engage in relationships with individuals or groups that threaten social order or safety.
Ecoplas will communicate extensively with customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and society and disclose business information in a timely and fair manner. It will also conduct reliable financial reporting through accurate accounting processes All accounting records, quality, production and other departments performance reports, all expense forms, official letters or all registered documents should be correct and Show realities. We can not hide any information intentionally, make change in the offical documents. 
2. Create Value for The Community
Ecoplas will provide technological, economic and environmental friendly parts and systems with superior quality and safety to society, endeavoring to increase the satisfaction and trust of our customers and contributing to the healthy development of society. Besides main activity area, Ecoplas takes active role for the social areas and provide support as much as its possible.
3. Respect for People
Ecoplas will respect diversity and individual human rights and provide a healthy and safe working environment in which all persons receive fair treatment without discrimination. It will also oppose enforced labor and child labor and respect fundamental human rights as well as workers' rights.
Working ours are always inline with rules and company respect work - life balance considering employees individual and family life. All employees have right to have free time and rest. This covers paid holidays according to legal rules.
We define employees wages and social rights considering market condition and legal rules. All members are treated equal according to seniority for same work same salary concept. Safe waorking environment is our first target. Ecoplas members believe that quality result can only be realized in safe working environment.  
4. Protection of Natural Environment
Ecoplas will proactively engage in environmental efforts and work to protect the natural environment. We actively work in this area and try to protect environment in all areas.
5. Responsibility to society as a corporate citizen
Ecoplas will carry out corporate activities that take into account the cultures and practices of each country and region and proactively engage in activities that contribute to society as a good corporate citizen. We support our members and its relatives in their education and culturel development.
6. Supply Chain
Ecoplas encourage socially responsible behavior within its supply chain and check compliance.