About Ecoplas

Ecoplas is founded in November 2007 to develop & produce plastic injection parts and systems for automotive industry. We produce interior and exterior parts using different process suc ahs plastic injection, tampo-print, different sub-assembly operations and parts painting. We locatid in GOSB in Gebze and operating in 12.775 m2. There are 61 plastic injeciton machine from 40 Tons to 1.300 Tons. We have 2 paintshop for interior parts painting.

Ecoplas has strong project team supported by very capable technical team.

We invest in Mould Design and Manufacturing company (Sensei Tooling Ind. Inc.) to be able to produce our moulds and provide support to other plastic injection companies.

Our Technical agreement with Kojima Ind. (Japan) provide us access to all Kojima technologies for Toyota and other customers.